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  • Pranayama
    Pranayama: breathing is man's best friend
      The term pranayama results from the union of two highly significant words:
    - prana: origin and entirety of all the energies of the Universe;
    - ayama: to control, to master.
    Pranayama subsequently refers to the practice that allows to consciously convey and direct energy into the organism.
    "Breathing is man's best friend", the primary and instantly perceivable manifestation of life that articulates in a highly flexible manner into the four classic phases:
    - puraka: inhalation;
    - antara kumbhaka: apnea on full lungs;
    - rechaka: exhalation;
    - bahir kumbhaka: apnea on empty lungs.
    There is a fifth phase, kevala kumbhaka, a form of apnea that occurs spontaneously, an "ecstatic suspension" that may produce on its own account during meditation, and prelude to a major spiritual advance.

    Accademia di Kriya Yoga di Lisetta Landoni organizes sessions that last 60 minutes where the various pranayama techniques can be learnt, executed and understood. Following an initial release of tensions, toxins and conditioning, one can surrender with enjoyment and attention to this comprehensive yogic breathing. It is also an excellent training tool in sports, as well as an effective immune system enhancer.
    Pranayama induces calm, concentration and awareness; it constitutes a powerful form of purification from all the insidious constraints at work on the psychological, physical and environmental level, that hamper correct and efficient breathing.
    It produces a beneficial oxygenation that has an outstanding impact on hatha yoga. The muscular work actually turns more productive, controlled, and smooth.

    The methodology codified and implemented in the Academy has been selected and adopted in the Apnea Academy di Umberto Pelizzari, for it is considered an appropriate tool for free divers to use when preparing for their athletic performances underwater. This is a further indication of how many gifts the deep techniques of pranayama can offer to the practitioners.
      in the photos: nauli by Fabio Trapasso.
    Surya Namaskar with Lisetta Landoni
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