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  • Kriya Yoga
    Kriya: meditation to erase the karmic debt.
      The word kriya literally means 'to scrape off'. To scrape ignorance and conditioning off oneself.
    Actually, it is all about a mystical pursuit of the Divine, aimed at quenching the spiritual thirst and fulfilling the spiritual needs that are inherent to our nature. As it is revealed by the Guru himself, who is the living and tangible example of the Supreme Realization, the meditation is grounded in a set of extremely precise and accurately codified techniques: tools that help pursue the knowledge, and whose transmission can only be done by the Master to the practitioner.

    Accademia di Kriya Yoga di Lisetta Landoni offers 60-minute-sessions, purposely designed for allowing those who are interested an autonomous handling of the meditative practice.
    After a preliminary stage where a series of purifying pranayamas are implemented, one can dive with a firm and clear mind in the enchantment of Kriya, in the immense and rich language of mudras (codified gestures) and mantras (powerfully evocative vibrations).

    So practiced, Yoga recovers the entirety and wholeness of a unique journey of wonders that would lead us to the primary roots of human existence.
    It is a democratic reality. The one and only reality that would allow each of us to finally experience the joyful ending of the journey, that is the Truth.
    Surya Namaskar with Lisetta Landoni
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