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    Asana: the countless number of yoga positions

    The impressive number of yoga positions (asana) leads to think about the possibility to personally influence, sometimes in an astonishing way, on the body structure and on its many functions.
    Therefore, it is possibile to assert, that a constant and regular practice of yoga asana balances nervous system, metabolism, blood and lymphatic circulation, cardiac activity, and furthermore increases the immune defenses. Asana practice improves the quality and shortens the cycle of the digestive process. Combined with its correct breathing, asana practice helps improving daily mood.

    "Mystics? Later". As André van Lysebeth once said answering a specific question: "Start with practice, mystics will follow".
    A constant and daily practice, for long in time, is the only path to fully comprehend all the inner meanings of asana.

    Accademia di Kriya Yoga di Lisetta Landoni recommends a twice-weekly practice of Hatha Yoga classes, choosing from the wide offer proposed.
    Surya Namaskar with Lisetta Landoni
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