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    The method in use at the Accademia turned out to be a precious element to unveil the personal skills of practitioners, thus allowing a perfect performing of postures.

    The Accademia's work is inspired to the Tradition of Yoga, and complies with the ruling principles that were codified by Patanjali in the Seventh century B.C.: Ashtanga Yoga, otherwise known as the "Yoga of the Eight Steps". The steps that constitute the actual path of Yoga can be summarised as follows:
    - Yama and Nyama: the ethical principles
    - Hatha Yoga: the postures
    - Pranayama: the dynamics of breathing
    - Pratyahara: the abstraction from the sensorial experience)
    - Dharana: the concentration
    - Dhyana: the meditation
    - Samadhi: the realization

    So understood, the practice recovers its inestimable characteristics, and the full force of an all-round and realizable Truth.
    It was born with Man as an integral and imperishable part of himself: the Yoga is a form of knowledge that relies upon the whole body as its main tool.
    Practicing means establishing a dialogue with our ancestral needs, by means of techniques and disciplines that have allowed - with unchanged freshness and enduring contemporaneity - for the realization of the whole Being, over the centuries as well as in the present times.
    Surya Namaskar with Lisetta Landoni
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